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By Singers to Singers…Overcoming Fears

Hey there,

Welcome back to my blog. Hope you are having a great week so far.

For this blog post I wanted to address singers’ fears and how to overcome them. I have been singing for the past 14 years and I still get so nervous before setting foot on stage. So, I have developed my own routine, especially before a performance.

Fear 1 Solution 1

My worst fear is that of forgetting the lyrics whilst singing. This fear has haunted me from the very beginning and it has turned into a phobia, but there is always a solution for everything. When I have an upcoming performance, I choose my set list way before-hand, burn a CD with all the songs (Yes, I am still an “old fashioned” gal), and whilst driving, working or doing anything, I listen only to the songs in the set list to the point where I start dreaming about them. This way I know that the lyrics have become ingrained in my mind and come naturally whilst singing.

Fear 2 Solution 2

This is going to be a bit TMI but it’s a reality. I fear that I am going to burp whilst I am singing! It may sound funny but it is a common occurrence. Solution, do not eat or drink a lot right before going on stage. I solved this by going on detox mode the day of the performance, and drink only water and eat a light salad 6 to 7 hours before. Then, of course, I reward myself with a nice chicken burger and some fries.

Fear 3 Solution 3

The next fear has become a reality many times, and it frustrates me so much; getting sick the week of or the day of the performance. After all the hard work, practicing, rehearsals and preparation the last thing on your mind is getting sick, and this often happens because the stress weakens our immune system. So, I invest in a lot of citrus fruit and drink a glass of freshly squeezed oranges every day. This helps a lot in lowering the chance of getting the flu and also it’s good for you! To relieve a congested nose, I use ‘Eucalyptus Oil’. I put 10 drops on a tissue paper and inhale it as deeply as I can throughout the day. I also put some under my pillow so that I inhale it whilst sleeping. It has been a life saver!

Fear 4 Solution 4

The last fear I wanted to talk about is voice cracking whilst singing. This is usually a result of not warming up well before singing, which should be an absolute must for any singer. When I was younger I had this bad habit of not doing a proper warm up and my voice did crack sometimes. In reality, warming up the voice doesn’t need to be an endless list of exercises, but by humming from the bottom to the top of your range and stretching your voice is already a start.

I hope you found this post helpful. We have to keep in mind that we do not control everything and sometimes things do not go as we plan them, but we have to always think positive and be confident that everything will turn out great!

Do you have any other fears that I did not mention? Let me know in the comments together with your solutions.

Until next time,

Yours Truly,



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