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By Singers to Singers…Singers’ Checklist

Hey There,

Welcome back to my blog and Happy New Year 2020.

I am sure that most of you are planning upcoming concerts, guest appearances and maybe an international festival opportunity. These are the perfect opportunities to hone our talent and accumulate more experiences. The time leading up to such events may create anxiety and nervousness and we might forget the essentials that support us before stepping on stage.

So, I decided to share my own checklist with you. It helps me tick the boxes and to feel secure that I have what I need with me.

1. Water – lukewarm

The most essential item for a singer; WATER.  You can never leave home for an event and not have water with you. This will help you keep your vocal cords hydrated. Keep in mind that very cold or hot water is not good for your voice before you are set to sing. Always keep water at room temperature or lukewarm so that it is soothing for your voice and also helps to keep your voice warmed up.

2. Thermos with Ginger, Honey, Lemon and Water Concoction.

This mixture is a must-have in every singers’ thermos. Also, it is a natural remedy to prevent and heal the voice after the flu. (I explain in better detail all the benefits of this remedy in my ‘Natural Remedies’ Blog post

3. Izlamus

Every singer and daily voice users have been using this as long as I can remember! These are natural sweets to soothe the vocal cords and can be easily found over the counter in all pharmacies. These are perfect to rest the voice and to prepare the vocal cords for singing.

4. Lyrics

One of my phobias is forgetting the lyrics whilst singing. I have learned to overcome this fear through time. (I explain in detail how I battled this fear in this blog post However, I still feel the need to have the song’s lyrics with me at the event’s venue. I refer to them if I think I forgot something and I put my mind at rest.

5. Warming up exercises

As soon as you enter backstage (or green room), you hear a lot of scales, exercises, lip trills and all kinds of sounds. The most important step before singing that first note is warming up the vocal cords. This helps to keep your voice healthy and have that flexibility needed to sing. I keep such exercises saved on my phone so that they are handy for every event.

I really hope this checklist helps. Do you have any other essentials that you use? Let us know in the comments.

Until next time,

Yours Truly,



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