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By Singers to Singers…Vocal Warm-up Exercises

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As all singers know, warming up the voice is a crucial step in the daily routine of a singer, not just before a performance but also for daily voice usage. When I was younger I used to skip this step and oftentimes ended up straining my voice. Nowadays, I scour the internet to find the best warming up exercises that I actually like doing and that are effective. So, in this blog post, I am going to list great warming up exercises that I found work, according to their intensity.

1) High-intensity

During last year’s annual ‘Vocal Booth’ concert I decided to sing ‘Never Enough’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’. I was terrified to sing this song due to its numerous high notes. So, I set a personal challenge to go on stage and sing my heart out. But to do this, I needed the right warming up exercises. I searched for ‘Never Enough warm-up’ and this video came up which I have used ever since. The video includes 3 intensive vocal exercises that warm-up and stretch the voice in the best way possible.

2) Medium-intensity

My voice has a natural high range and usually it is hard for me to sing in a low larynx position. So, I found this 5-minute vocal warm-up that helps me to warm-up my lower range and prepares my voice to sing in a low larynx position.

3) Low-intensity

Nowadays everyone has a busy schedule. So, this 3-minute vocal warm-up video is perfect for warming up on the go or right before setting foot on stage. I find that it is also great for those daily voice users for example teachers. A good habit to adopt in your daily routine is to include these exercises in your playlist and warm up your voice whilst driving. This is great especially for those who frequently get stuck in traffic. It includes 3 exercises that are great to warm up the voice and also perfect for beginners.

Sometimes I dedicate a couple of hours for full-on exercise mode. So, combining these three warm-up exercises together is perfect for such days. Do you use a preferred warm-up structure? Would love to know what they are.

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